Compose | Decompose Album/Print

COMPOSE | DECOMPOSE is a conversation between Make Noise and artist Eleanor Annand.

The album of the same name is recordings of performances by Walker Farrell, Meg Mulhearn, and Jake Pugh at the opening of Compose|Decompose at Penland Gallery on March 30, 2019. This is paired with a birch woodblock letterpress print by Eleanor Annand in a limited edition of 100 copies. Each print is handcrafted by the artist, and inspired by modular processes and composition.

Digital version also available for $7

Get it here: https://composedecompose.bandcamp.com/

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Make Noise Zine

The third issue of the Make Noise zine is here! Free to download, it features interviews with Make Noise founder Tony Rolando, Make Noise Records artist Brett Naucke, and AFRORACK founder Aaron Guice, as well as articles by Make Noise's CEO Kelly Kelbel, Media Director Pete Speer, and Instrument Specialist Walker Farrell!!!

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(Download Issue 1 here)
(Download Issue 2 here)

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